We’re in the middle of a major building project for Encore Events Rentals, a company that provides furniture and equipment for weddings and other celebrations. They are consolidating their storage into one central distribution warehouse. This new facility will be 60,000 square feet, and Pacatte Construction is building it from the ground up.

We broke ground on the new facility on October 1. This will be a concrete and metal structure, one of Pacatte Construction’s specialties. Right now, we’re wrapping up site preparation by landscaping, grading and paving the area. We have over 30 years experience in this type of commercial construction and are confident the project will progress well.

Construction During the Rainy Season

We’ve been fairly lucky with the weather so far this autumn, but we know that rain is just getting started. Weatherproofing 60,000 square feet can be a challenge but it’s necessary. We’ll invest time and resources in managing storm water runoff. In the old days, builders might just let the water run off anywhere. Now, we know that storm water from construction sites can have harmful effects on lakes, rivers and other water sources. As a result, as the rainy season starts, we’ll be taking extra care to divert runoff to proper channels.

A Collaboration with Airport Business Center

The new warehouse for Encore Events Rentals is just one of many projects that we’ve worked on for Airport Business Center. We’ve employed our concrete tilt-up experience building many of the commercial and industrial structures at this growing office park. Concrete tilt-up is a great option for businesses looking for solid, energy-efficient, cost-effective construction—and it’s what Pacatte Construction does best. We’ll keep updating with more photos as the project continues!