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    Masonry Features

    While concrete tilt-up buildings may be cost-effective to build, they often lack aesthetic uniqueness. That’s why, for property owners who prize visual appeal, we offer masonry services to enhance simplistic structures. Stone, brick and block façades and embellishments can lend architectural distinction to an otherwise cookie-cutter building and give a property owner the best of both worlds.

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    Wood Frame Buildings

    Wood frame buildings are a good option for residential applications, as well as commercial applications where a specific architectural aesthetic is desired. At Pacatte Construction, we are well-equipped to build custom homes, garages, office buildings and other wood frame structures

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    Prefabricated Metal Buildings

    A prefabricated metal building is an ideal choice for commercial property owners who want their structure to have a sleek, modern aesthetic. Whether an office space, retail establishment, winery/brewery or airplane hangar, a prefabricated metal building can be custom-designed and built to meet your needs.

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    Concrete Tilt-Up Buildings

    Concrete tilt-up represents a streamlined, cost-effective approach to concrete construction. With this method, the building’s wall elements are formed horizontally and then “tilted up” with a crane to the vertical position. Once these elements are in place, the roof and other remaining components are secured to complete the structure.

    Concrete tilt-up can be used to build all types of commercial structures, including office spaces, shopping centers, warehouses, and winery and agriculture applications. Our concrete tilt-up building elements are manufactured off-site and shipped to the job location, where we oversee the assembly. With our forty years of experience in concrete tilt-up construction, you can rest assured that your structure will be sound and secure.

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    Tenant Improvements

    An office or warehouse is a busy space, and developing the right floor plan, structure, and design is a vital first step in creating an environment where employees can get work done. Pacatte Construction offers comprehensive and professional commercial construction and remodeling services throughout the North Bay Area. Pacatte Construction Co., Inc. has built many tenant improvements—even while employees continued working in the office suite!

    We can work around your staff so they are not bothered while the remodeling takes place. We can come in after hours, and we can do construction prior to a move in. We can work around your schedule.

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    Complete Builds

    Pacatte Construction Co., Inc. offers a complete project. We can help clients find an architect to realize their design plans, and we work closely with sub-contractors to help reduce costs.

    Pacatte Construction has a long working history in Sonoma County. We try to always have the owner's best interest at heart. We work hard from start to finish to build great projects on budget. That’s why our bids include the complete cost of the project. We pride ourselves on not having to change order the owners on projects. No project is too big or too small, so give us a call!

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