Pacatte Construction builds primarily for commercial clients. But this summer, we started work on a very unique custom home in Sonoma County. So far, it’s been great exposure to some of the ins and outs of residential construction, and we’ve gained valuable experience that we can apply to all our future jobs.

The homeowner lost his home in the 2017 Sonoma wildfires and wanted to rebuild with a contractor he could trust—Pacatte Construction.

This is a special project for a number of reasons, not just because it’s our first foray into building a custom home. The homeowner is a former client who used Pacatte Construction for commercial projects. He lost his home in the 2017 Sonoma wildfires and wanted to rebuild with a contractor he could trust—and he chose Pacatte Construction.

Ambitious design

The building plans closely replicate the original home. The design is ambitious. Once completed, the home will be about 7,000 square feet and fully take advantage of the natural beauty of its surroundings. The home is built into a hillside, which will create a stunning façade and also presents exciting engineering challenges for us. A vaulted great room will open directly onto a large deck through four curved pocket doors, creating a feeling of openness. The home will also feature custom tiles imported from Italy.

Higher fire safety standards

The new home will need to meet higher fire safety standards than the original. Regulations now state that residential roofs and siding need to contain fire-resistant materials. We will also install a sprinkler system throughout the home.

An old and new team

Although commercial and residential construction are similar, building a custom home does have its unique aspects. To ensure that we give our client the exact home he wants, Pacatte Construction has made several new hires who have extensive backgrounds in residential construction. We also understand that the client will be much more personally involved in this project than he was for the building of his commercial structures.

It will take time to successfully integrate all the custom elements of this unique Sonoma County home. We expect that it will finally be completed in the latter half of next year. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated as we make progress on this special project.