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Pacatte Construction Co. Inc. (PCI) continues to thrive by remaining flexible, yet focused. Jim and Rosemarie Pacatte founded the company in 1980 as a commercial general contracting firm specializing in tilt-up concrete construction. As market forces changed, the company adjusted, adding additional capabilities in design-build construction and metal building system installation and establishing relationships with a broad range of commercial enterprises. Throughout the company’s history, PCI has put quality and customer service above all else, delivering an end-result that is both functional and finely crafted.

“It’s about staying quick, efficient and affordable without sacrificing customer service,” says Jimmie Hagle, president of PCI and the Pacattes’ son-in-law. Hagle joined PCI over 27 years ago when it was still a union-affiliated company; he worked his way up the ranks as a union carpenter before ascending to foreman and later field superintendent.

Hagle is proud to a partner of PCI and appreciates the atmosphere that the Pacattes have established. Though Jim Pacatte has retired, his passion for the company lives on through an established duo: Jim’s son, Doug, and his son in-law Jimmie Hagle, ensuring PCI retains its close-knit, family-oriented appeal.

PCI headquarters are located in Santa Rosa, California, giving the company the ability to work in both Sonoma and Napa counties. Naturally, the commercial contracting operation has had its fair share of work in the booming wine and agricultural industries, and PCI has also completed projects for retail clients, churches, aircraft hangars, industrial warehousing, restaurants and even the local waste disposal authority.

At one point PCI worked regularly within a 100-mile radius of headquarters, but the company’s strong local reputation has made PCI focus more on the surrounding community in recent years. Hagle estimates that PCI targeted projects within a 30-mile radius of headquarters as of 2012, with the lion’s share of work located within just five to 10 miles. “Roughly 50 percent of the buildings in our immediate area are empty, so we have focused primarily on tenant improvement projects as businesses relocate,” adds Hagle.

The core PCI team fluctuates between five and 15 employees. The team provides numerous services that include metal stud framing, drywall hanging, carpentry, cabinetry, foundation work and all interior finishes.

In the next few years, Hagle considers PCI’s future to be a question of when, not if, the company will expand. “Because of the relationships we continue to uphold with the local developers, I think we’re poised to have more work than we can handle when things turn around,” says Hagle. Until then, the team will continue to deliver the fine craftsmanship and attentive customer service that the Pacatte name represents, ensuring Pacatte Construction Co. Inc. stands for excellence in commercial construction for years to come.

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